The work I do.

My approach - Scrappy.

—Do whatever it takes to improve the user experience to drive business impact.

Hands-on Design Leadership
Design System Component Team
Innovation, Incubation, Pitches, and Skunkworks
KPI Optimization, Experimentation Programs
Design Ops, Tooling, Process Optimization
Design Advocacy, Stakeholder Relationships, Exec Pitches

I have worked as a consultant, in-house design leader, independent contractor, and design studio partner – taking numerous initiatives from proposal, kickoff, and concept, through to implementation, launch, and optimization.

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Product Strategic Visioning

Experimentation Programs and Roadmapping

Conceptual Wireframing

Flows and Journey Mapping

Hi Fidelity Design Comps and Prototypes

Digital Strategy & Usability Assessments

UI & Component-level Detail Specifications Homepage Personalization

Solution Finder Tool

Product Guided Tours

Mobile Apps

New Product Launches, Go-to-market, M&A Integration

Salesforce Video Platform

Cross-product Buyer Journey and Buying Tools

ROI Calculator Platform

Design without relationships is pointless.

Malachy Walsh

Creative Director, Digital Design

“Curiosity. A willingness to help. Combined with his intelligence and skills, these are two things that put Jacob in a whole different universe. It allows him to lead by doing. And keeps him from being unafraid to challenge ideas and develop work. Jacob is great.”

Lauren Mulvey

Business Director, Corporate Marketing

“Jacob is a great business partner. He's always striving to think about the bigger picture when I work with him. He looks for the patterns across different lines of business, and helps us develop new ways of thinking to successfully communicate to our audience and drive conversion.”

Matthew Newell

Program Manager

“Not the first and not the last time he's dove in to drive and ensure our experiences are buttoned up. The ROI Calculator is another testament to his agility and willingness to get into the weeds.”

360 Feedback

Anonymous feedback collected by my prior VP from a dozen peers, stakeholders, leaders, and direct reports.

“He is able to create and articulate ideas impressively well, in meetings or presentations.”

“I seek situations to work with him. He is open to new ideas and ways of thinking.”

“He often takes a lot of nonsense and makes perfect sense of it.”

“In his presentations he does a great job of walking the audience through the problem and the proposed solution in a clear, concise manner while keeping the audience from getting caught up in the details. He is also a great listener.”

“He assumes everyone has good ideas and he’s very collaborative.”

“Always coming up with new ways of doing it – thinking outside the usual Salesforce box”

“Jacob does a fantastic job of listening and thinking bigger picture.”

“Never heard him say something just can’t be done. He works to understand the ultimate goals and finds a satisfying solution, even if on a different path than we originally started.”

“Leading the team in world class interaction / experience designs.”

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