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Salesforce Live

—Inspiration & Learning Through Video

Bringing the energy and enthusiasm of Salesforce's world-class events to an always-on video platform & multi-channel live streaming

Marketing teams often work quickly and with little resources in order to go to market with ideas and drive opportunity. This was the case with Salesforce Live, building a standalone landing page style website to host video of Salesforce's Dreamforce 2014 event. With the backing of a films-driven executive team, and off the heals of a multi-million dollar in-house video production studio, the team turned to the in-house Digital Creative team to revamp the experience. Improved tracking, a deeper strategy around organic traffic, and a more sustainable content strategy were all key pillars to turn the siloed, static experience into a digital embodiment of Salesforce's high energy in-person events.

My Role

Concept, strategize, pitch, and obtain stakeholder alignment and buy-in on new experiences and intelligent context-based journeys. Build advanced hi-fidelity prototypes using Invision, prototype interactions with HTML5/CSS3/jQuery, design compositions using Sketch and Photoshop, wireframe with Omnigraffle, coordinate test plans and design facilitation, and manage junior designers.

A new future for Salesforce's massive video library.

The Challenge

Bumpy Journeys

Many disparate video experiences serving very similar underlying company goals and user-types.

Lack of Internal Alignment

A patchwork of navigation IA spread accross many video ecosystems internally, each with their own business units, content structure (or the lack therof), and KPIs. Fun!

The Previous Experience


Felt like a landing page and heavily event-oriented – not the robust library with thousands of ever-changing videos that it truly is. The content was mostly static all year except the week of a major event, and was then focused on live experience that week and not the hundreds of other day a year before or after and event.

Not Indexable or Permalinked

Built with beautiful Ajax animations that hindered search engine indexing as well as deep-linking to detail pages meant oppotunities for building a true multi-funnel content machine to drive adoption.

Not Scalable

Massive engineering efforts to produce degraded internationalized experiences. Mobile video viewing sub-optimal.

Confusing interface elements and navigation

Novel non-standard elements and labelling created confusion amongst users.

Not instrumented for measurement

KPIs were largely superficial at it's inception. We would bring behavioral measures and new business measures.

Underleveraged Data Sources

How might we leverage the robust Salesforce Events Product API as well as data from our Communities Product to pull in relevant facets. This was used to supercharge the revamp so we didn’t have to create from scratch.

The Idea

Strategy & Architecture

Component Inventory
Landscape Analysis

Strategy Partnership: Scaling the team

To scale efforts rapidly, we brought in and worked very closely with a strategy partner of ours to audit content.

Consolidated IA & Templating

Consolidated IA
Consolidated Template Wireframes

User Experience & Interaction Design

Medium-Fidelity Annotated Wireframes
Detailed Module Usage Specs
Mobile Wireframes
RWD Template Module Choreography
Video Player States

Concept Pitches

Content drips throughout the day promote return visits, bring a freshness to the experience, and promote subscriptions

UX & Interaction Design

Examples of my iterative, rigorous, and collaborative design process - in various fidelities.

Different deliverables and artifacts for different stakeholders

Understanding the purpose a deliverable serves for an internal user is key. Execs, strategic partners, engineers, product, and fellow designers often have different goals and needs. I deliver various packages of materials as scope allows. In my experience, this clears paths for an initiative and builds trust and comradery along the way.

hi-fi comps
sketches & annotated wireframes

Component Interactivity

interaction storyboards
fuse animation wireframes

Animation Prototyping

In-video promo and end-of video (in collaboration with animator)


Extending Salesforce's search experience with detailed specs deliverables and user stories.

Usability testing and Eyetracking

User testing was completed at various points in the process, with design iterations following each round. I worked closely with in-house researchers and research partners to develop test plans that could validate hypotheses for key features, comprehension, task completion, saliency and general usability. The results were also used to bolster additional buy-in and support with stakeholders and executives for prioritization of key features, release roadmapping, and overall to educate the value of a user-centered approach.

Going To Market

Considering journey touchpoints beyond the primary product experience

Image Title
Launch Strategy
Gated content
Driving adoption
User Acquisition

Mobile App

Exec Stakeholder Business Case Presentations

Mobile screens, protoype, POC build

Always-connected Concept Pitches

Multi-Market Internationalization


Integrated, Search Optimized, Permalinked
73,000 concurrent live streams
10 Million+ viewers in one 1 Week
Thousands of evergreen videos

"An entirely new beautiful design and user experience and product launch with a world class collaboration between all teams. On schedule and ready to go. Well done everyone! Incredible job."

-John Zissimos

Chief Creative Officer, Salesforce

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